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HVAC Long Beach Masters is a team of professionals that can help you with any HVAC problem you can have! We understand how clean air is important for you and will do everything to keep it clean! After our service, we guarantee that you will breathe with fresh and clean air. We know how many different bacteria we can find in your HVAC system and how to clean it perfectly. We are carrying not only about your comfort, but also about your health, we will remove all unhealthy bacteria out of your house! Be sure that after our service you will be fully satisfied. We also providing air conditioning repair and heating repair if your HVAC system started working in bad way or stopped working at all.

Our Long Beach air conditioning service is well known because of great quality of every installation, repair and cleaning that we providing. If you need any southwest HVAC Long Beach CA service, we will be glad to help! We are providing heating and air conditioning service for a long time and know, how to satisfy every of our customers.

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Call us and join big family of satisfied customers right now! Our managers are working 24/7. They will answer any question you can have immediately! We also always reading all feedback we have and updating ourselves every single day. We are sure that every step of our work from simple talking to work provided will fully satisfy you! If you want to get our affordable and prompt help, call us and face with our qualitative service now!

HVAC Long Beach Masters have many specialists that will help you in case of anything! Every our specialist is experienced and tested, with their great knowledge they surely will provide qualitative and prompt service for you and your family. No matter you need simple air conditioning repair in your residential house or do you want to install a complicated air conditioning and heating system in your commercial building, we will easily help you! We can send from one to 15 specialists that know what to do in your case and will take any project you can have as a personal challenge and will not stop until you will be fully satisfied with result of provided work. Our Long Beach air conditioning system installations well known because of great quality of every provided installation.

We are working in the big area, so no matter you need southwest HVAC Long Beach CA maintenance or AC repair in Long Beach, we will easily manage it! We can provide repair or maintenance of any heating and air conditioning system you can have, no matter what brand or model it have. If you looking for top-quality and promptness provided by experienced employees special for you, HVAC Long Beach Masters is your best choice! Every our customer is getting professional help from our licensed and experienced specialist.

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Plumbing services

We have a team of licensed and experienced plumbers that will help you with any problem connected to your gas or water supplies or appliance. We have a wide variety of plumbing services. We can provide fast and professional leak detection and repair or replacement of your damaged tube.

Our plumbers can provide any installation in your bathroom or kitchen, we know how to install or replace everything from your faucet to your washing machine. If you have any problem with your faucet and sewer, we are right team to choose for replacement! We will help you to choose your new toilet, washing machine or water heater.

We know, how to clean up your water, fight with low pressure in your system, how to repair or replace your water heater and much more! No matter what brand and model of gas/water appliance do you have, we will easily manage its maintenance or repair!

Heating Services

If you want install residential or commercial heating, HVAC Long Beach Masters will easily help you! We providing furnace installations and will help you on any step of installation from measuring and model choice to testing of installed system. We also providing repair of all brands and models of furnaces! Even if your furnace is very old, do not rush to call it garbage!

Our professionals can repair any problem inside of it and bring it alive! However, if you thinking you do not need it, we also can provide fast and qualitative replacement and install new modern furnace instead of your old one. We also providing tune-ups and maintenance of any heating system you can have!

You can be sure that after our maintenance your heating system will work without any problems for at least 4 years! However, we recommend you to provide maintenance of your heating system once per year to predict all problems it can have.

Air Conditioning Services

We started as air conditioning system installation and repair company and know every aspect of work with it. We can provide any air conditioning service in houses or commercial buildings like a schools, offices and even facilities.

If your air conditioner started losing its power, call us and we will provide fast diagnostic no matter what brand and model it is. After our maintenance, your air conditioner will get a second life and will work without any problem for at least 3 years! We can provide installation of new modern air conditioning unit that will save many of your energy if you want.

All air conditioners and cooling systems that we are installing will take care not only about temperature of your air, but also about your health. We installing special filters inside of all of them that will clean air from all bacteria and illnesses. Call us now and we will 100% satisfy you with a result!


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    Valerie L.

    Had a great experience with HVAC Long Beach Masters, Jim the HVAC Tech came to our office we own in Long Beach our AC went out. We needed help ASAP !

    HVAC Long Beach Masters quites me very fast and had the best prices from the other companies we were shopping around for. I wanted to give them a big thanks for working so fast in getting this fixed, our fans weren’t cutting it for this hot weather. Jim was very respectful toward me and my employees and actually cared about keeping clean. That meant a lot !! Thank you guys !

    Sean O.

    These guys are amazing. Our fan stopped working on our unit last month and called them and got a person to come out the very next day and not only did he replace the fan, he upgraded it to a stronger fan and serviced the unit so that it wouldn’t overheat in the near future. The price was great as well!

    Mark G.

    My heater (water source heat pump) had stopped working so I called HVAC Long Beach Masters and made an appointment for Saturday between 10 and 1.Gregg showed up promptly at 10.He quickly fixed the problem and also diagnosed and fixed a super annoying rattling noise that the heater had been making for a long time.He was very professional and took the time to explain to me how my system works.He also put booties on his shoes so my carpet wouldn’t get dirty.Now my heater works great (and is finally silent!!!).Glad I called them.